Improving healthcare delivery and the quality of life in Haiti.
Improving healthcare delivery and the quality of life in Haiti.



Haiti Help Med Plus focuses on five key areas: Medical Care, Education, Housing, Agriculture and Economic Development.  We believe that all of these areas are interconnected to create a thriving community.


At Haiti Help Med Plus, we believe that good health is very important for people to be productive and to learn in school.  We educate the people in Haiti to remain healthy and learn new skills to be productive in life.  The people in Haiti need better housing to be protected against the elements and remain healthy.  We promote better agriculture where people can be better nourished and healthier.  Without proper nutrition, children are not able to learn well in school.

Jobs create income to improve lives, buy medication, pay for school and and provide quality housing. 

It is all integrated. To be successful, we address all these issues together.



Providing quality medical care is an integral part of Haiti Help Med Plus' mission.  Our goal is to improve medical care delivery for everyone regardless of socio-economic status.   Over the last 10 years, we have led 45 medical mission trips, bringing medical professionals from the U.S. to rural Haiti.  We have built a clinic and renovated the local hospital.  We are currently in the process of creating a surgical suite in Paillant.  We regularly host dental clinics. We continue to bring medical professionals periodically throughout the year to provide medical care in Paillant and in the rural areas.



After years of working with the Haitian community in the medical field, we realized that many of the medical issues are derived from lack of proper housing and shelter.  In 2010, we embarked on an initiative to build homes in the community of George, located in Paillant, Haiti.  Most of the people in this community live in low quality structures made up of sticks and grass.  Over the last fours years, we have constructed 18 homes in Haiti.  The homes cost approximately $3,000 each and are concrete based with sturdy tin roof along with a latrine and water cistern.  These homes have truly changed the lives of their owners and have helped to decrease the disease and infection rate in the area.  Each homeowner helps in the construction of their homes as well as in the construction of the other homes in the community to help build unity and a stronger community.  



Improving access to education continues to be a prominent pillar of what defines Haiti Help Med Plus.  We are committed to providing quality education to our youth and young adults to give them the opportunity to remain self-sufficient.  Over the last 12 years, we have funded education for hundreds of students and provided school supplies and uniforms to the local schools in Paillant. Our students WANT and deserve a better education.  On May 14, 2014 we started teaching English as a second language and we hope to spread this to all the children in the community.


Haiti's economic development is based on agriculture.  Haiti has the ability to grow and harvest many different types of agriculture.  Haiti Help Med Plus works to improve the quantity and quality of food grown in Haity by teaching composting, beekeeping, coffee processing, soil conservation, retention and permaculture.  Haiti Help Med Plus works in partnership with Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University volunteers to educate Haitians in goat keeping and soil perservation.  Haiti Help Med Plus hosts seminars and educational workshops throughout the year to foster improvements in local agriculture initiatives.  


Haiti Help Med Plus believes that creating jobs is vital to the self-sustability and improvment of Haiti.  With this in mind, we have focused our efforts on job creation.  We believe in providing a hand up, instead of a hand out.  We have partnered with Winter Park Honey to provide apprenticeships to Haitians to learn about beekeeping and business development.  We also provide microloans to help entrepreneurs develop their business plans.


One of the major projects for Haiti Help Med Plus is the creation of the Paillant Community Center. The Community Center will provide classes in tailoring, culinary arts and arts and crafts.  Our goal is to sell the arts and crafts created in Haiti in the U.S. to create needed income in Haiti.

Haiti Help Med Plus, Inc. (HHMP) is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit, charitable, tax-exempt organization (FEI number: 200263595), registered in the state of Florida (registration Number: CH17094) in 2003. “Fondation Haiti Help Med”(FHAHM) is a sister organization registered in Haiti. We have provided sustainable aid to Haiti for over 12 years.

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November 2015: We completed 3 months ago the construction of the Community Center and are now helping the Youth in Paillant learn some skills like sewing, arts and crafts, cooking, computers and English language. We did it thanks to your help. We need to keep all these services going and add more. 

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