Improving healthcare delivery and the quality of life in Haiti.
Improving healthcare delivery and the quality of life in Haiti.

Testimonials From Our Volunteers

"Hello Dr. Gousse, without a doubt, Haiti was a life changing experience for me. Everyday I wake up sooooo thankful and with sooooo much gratitude than I had before going to Haiti. Experiencing the country and its culture has taught me a lot about life outside of my box. It has deepened my passion to serve in so much more levels while at the same time expanding my horizons beyond reach. Thank you for making this trip a Blessing. I cherished every moment of it. I still look back and think how can I still help? I want to continue to help!! Haiti was an experience that will impact my life forever.​" Natalie Graham 8/26/14.


"When Nadine initially asked if I would like to join her on the Haiti trip I had no idea what to expect. I was kind of scared because it was my first the flying and visiting a new country, but Nadine assured me that I would be in good hands while there. When we step off the plane the first thing that caught my attention was the beautiful mountains. I was some what in a state of shock because I had heard so much about the negatives of Haiti and none of the positives. 
Being able to be there for a full week is an experience that I will never forget. It was an real eye opener to just how ungrateful Americans can be and how we also take small luxuries for granted. Also the trip enlightened me on how unhealthy we eat. Since leaving Haiti I have tried to challenge myself and eat less processed foods, because while there I could definitely see the difference in the way my body felt just eating organic food for a week. Overall the week spent in Haiti was amazing and I would not have changed one thing about it." Laneseia Davis 8/24/14.


'As a public health student, my time spent in Haiti helping in the clinic and throughout the community was invaluable. It was extremely inspiring to see Ralph & Ninotte’s selfless passion for empowering the community of Paillant through so many different outlets. Being able to volunteer in an impoverished community left me with a deep sense of gratitude for every opportunity I have been given thus far, as well as motivation to continue helping in any way I can. I look forward to hearing updates on all of  the exciting projects Haiti Help Med has implemented and hope I will be able to return to Haiti with this phenomenal group someday soon!' Macon Lowman 8/16/12

'The trip to Paillant was a humbling, inspiring and unforgettable experience.  Thank you for your incredible hospitality!  You and Ninotte have such tremendous passion and love for the people of Paillant and Haiti, it was a joy to be part of your trip.  I can’t stop talking to everyone I know about the people, their needs, and the beauty that is Haiti.' Schella Orcel 11/27/09

'Dear Ralph, the experience I had during the four days we spent in Haiti will be one that I will never forget. The beauty of the people and the country have left an inspiring impression on my heart, and I look forward to going back some day. Hopefully next year we will see more doctors from the Medical Society make the trip as well. If the stories of the incredible need we encountered don’t impress them, the description of the wonderful meals and hospitality you and Ninotte shared with us certainly will.  I feel fortunate to have shared a very moving experience with a team of such caring and talented people.  I wish you all a blessed holiday season, and I hope our paths cross again.' Thomas Kelley, MD 11/28/09

'I didn’t know what exactly to expect during the trip, but I can tell you I was very pleased with everything I experienced.  The time spent at the clinic and in the small communities surrounding Paillant was rewarding.' Max Lallemand 11/25/09

'Hi Ralph. I think the story I told about my experience in Haiti has to do with how my spirit was lifted up during our trip. Prior to leaving, I had been doing some soul-searching about the kind of person I would like to be. The longer we stayed involved in our work in Paillant, the more I felt that my spirit was moving in a positive direction. I remembered a novel titled “Heart of Darkness” (this was the basis for the movie Apocalypse Now about the Vietnam war). The lead character ventures into the jungles of Africa and becomes progressively more disturbed the deeper he travels into the wilderness. In Haiti, I felt exactly the opposite. The deeper we journeyed into the countryside, the more enlightened I felt that I was becoming. And with each person we helped, my soul was increasingly enriched beyond a level I could have understood before making the trip. In a sense, I was experiencing a “Heart of Light.” It was a chapter of my life that I know will have profound and lasting effects on who I am as a person.' Thomas Kelley, MD 4/14/10

Haiti Help Med Plus, Inc. (HHMP) is a 501 (c) (3), non-profit, charitable, tax-exempt organization (FEI number: 200263595), registered in the state of Florida (registration Number: CH17094) in 2003. “Fondation Haiti Help Med”(FHAHM) is a sister organization registered in Haiti. We have provided sustainable aid to Haiti for over 12 years.

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November 2015: We completed 3 months ago the construction of the Community Center and are now helping the Youth in Paillant learn some skills like sewing, arts and crafts, cooking, computers and English language. We did it thanks to your help. We need to keep all these services going and add more. 

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